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“If it’s out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind too.”

One of the hardest things to do can be to learn to let go of what you can’t change.

We all like to have some sort of control over certain matters or what may present itself in our lives and it can be hard not to think about things constantly until something is resolved.

But it’s not healthy and there are other ways to cope and manage.

Being mindful of it but being able to let it go.

What I like to do is take some time to ponder over whatever it might be, acknowledge and understand my emotions around it, let myself feel these emotions, and know that they are valid, there is a reason I feel this way and that’s ok.

If I need to talk, I reach out to someone in my circle, a supportive sister to lean on. Talking to another person always helps you feel better and that’s what our beautiful circle is for.

I focus on any positives I might find in the situation – there is always at least one. Even if it isn’t what you wanted, perhaps it’s an opportunity to learn and grow and that’s a positive outcome.

Once I have had time to contemplate and acknowledge it, I let it go the universe. Free my mind from the shackles.

Focusing on negativity and worrying about matters doesn’t change things, it only creates anxiety, anger, sleeplessness, and illnesses. Your body takes on your emotions and creates a negative internal response.

Our brains and hearts are such powerful forces within us that respond to our emotions on such a deep level they can make molecular changes within our cells. Now that’s amazing!

So the more you feed your heart and soul with positive reactions and ways to navigate through even the hardest of times, the less trauma there is impacting your physical body.

So if you find yourself with a matter that is causing you stress, try focusing on the steps above, acknowledge it, and let it go. What will be will be.

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